Education Sector


We facilitate the setting up of platforms for enhancement of quality teaching programs, projects and activities with leaders in education worldwide. We also specialize in organizational assessment, strategic planning, curriculum design and development, advocacy, executive coaching and technical assistance. We have successfully leveraged our global network to successfully execute projects in China, Canada, India, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States.

Focused on Success

Our projects are executed by experts with years of experience who are passionate about helping you succeed.

Curriculum Development

  • We provide guidance for curriculum development for short and long-term training, certifications and degree programs; semester-abroad programs for students; twinning programs with U.S. and European universities; readiness semesters or programs at U.S. and European universities and projects and internships with professional and non-profit organizations. Our experts can help with licensing curriculum for certifications and degree programs from U.S. and European universities and for securing international accreditation for various local University programs.

Research Assistance

  • We provide assistance in developing an active, ongoing academic research agenda, including guidance for publications in journals; mentoring to research, develop and produce high-quality academic and applied research papers; help facilitate academic research partnership with academics from U.S. and European universities and can provide assistance in securing funds for academic research. We provide guidance for facilitating/organizing seminars and conferences, including arranging prestigious speakers and presenters.

Global Reach

  • Our experts can provide guidance for establishing ‘Centers of Excellence’ for research and training in collaboration with U.S. and European universities and other international organizations. We have extensive experience in counseling/advising students for higher education opportunities in Canada, Europe and the U.S. Our experts use innovative pedagogies that contribute to inclusive, engaged learning for both teachers and students and can provide best practices training to deliver high quality content delivery in classrooms.

Strategy | Development | Delivery

Whether you have to deploy full- or part-time faculty or instructors, we can help. We are a good fit when you need to quickly ramp up your development, from creating curriculum to delivering certificate, diploma or degree programs.

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